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Buddhism in Everyday Life with Franz Etter

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Buddhism in Everyday Life with Franz Etter

Canberra Diamond Way Buddhist Centre
Fri, Sep. 14th - Sun, Sep. 16th 8pm
Suggested donation $15/$12 concession

You are warmly invited to Mahamudra House for a weekend of Buddhist teachings and meditation with guest teacher Franz Etter, visiting us from Perth.
Over the weekend, Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of September, Franz will give talks on Diamond Way Buddhism; how we can apply it in our daily life and how practitioners relate to the person and principle of the Lama. There will also be plenty of time for meditation and meals together at Mahamudra House.

His talk on Friday will be a solid introduction to our approach to Buddhist practice and a basis for going deeper into meditation and further teachings on Saturday and Sunday. Each talk will include time for questions and a short guided meditation. On Sunday, Franz will be joined by local teachers for a longer question and answer session.



Friday 14 Sept

8pm Talk:   Buddhism in Everyday Life
                   followed by Q&A and meditation

Saturday 15 Sept

3pm Talk:   Teacher-Student relationship
                    followed by Q&A and meditation

Sunday 16 Sept

11am        Q&A with panel of teachers
                     followed by meditation

For each talk/session the suggested donation is $15 or $12 concession 



Franz took Buddhist refuge in 2001 with Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl. Between 2002 to 2008 he spent 3 to 4 months of each year travelling with Lama Ole Nydahl in Europe. During these travels he also met with some of the great Lamas of the Karma Kagyu lineage, attending lectures and courses. This has given him many opportunities to see how Buddhism functions and how the teachings work in daily life. Since beginning his Buddhist practice in 2001 he has also helped to grow and develop the Diamond Way Buddhist centre in Perth, where he lives with his young family.


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