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Three Talks: Buddha & Love - Meditation - Liberating Actions

Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

Buddhist Meditation Centres of the Karma Kagyu Lineage

Three Talks: Buddha & Love - Meditation - Liberating Actions


Mahamudra House

Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

104 Wattle Street (crnr Brigalow opp. Tilley's)


Fri, Feb. 14th - Sun, Feb. 16th 8pm - 2pm
For each talk the suggested donation is $15 or $12 concession.

You are warmly invited to Mahamudra House in the Canberra suburb of Lyneham this Valentine's Day weekend for Buddhist teachings and meditation sessions with our local teachers Cate Walker, Rob Sok, Maike Brill and Mark Pace.

From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th these four Canberrans will give talks on various aspects of living and practicing Diamond Way Buddhism.

There will also be time for questions and answers and a guided meditation.

The talk on Friday will be on a favourite topic for all the non-monastic, lay Buddhist practitioners: Love and Partnership. As a married yogi, Lama Ole has given countless teachings on this topic, especially in his book Buddha & Love - timeless wisdom for modern relationships. Local couple Rob & Maike have been students of Lama Ole for many years and have traveled extensively to learn and teach Buddhism together. What better day of the year to have them share these teachings on Love and Partnership from a Buddhist perspective.

Saturday evening's talk with Cate will take us deeper into the topic of Meditation, so central to Buddhism and especially the Diamond Way of the Karma Kagyu lineage. On Sunday, Mark will share the generous, meaningful, patient and joyful way of the Bodhisattvas' Six Liberating Actions.


Friday 14 February

8pm Talk:    Buddha & Love
                    with Rob Sok & Maike Brill
                    followed by Q&A and meditation

Saturday 15 February

7pm Talk:   Meditation
                   with Cate Walker
                   followed by Q&A and meditation

Sunday 16 February

2pm Talk:   The Six Liberating Actions
                   with Mark Pace
                   followed by Q&A and meditation

For each talk the suggested donation is $15 or $12 concession.



Link to more information about the Canberra Diamond Way Buddhist Centre or phone 0468 831 082.


Rob Sok and Maike Brill met in Europe and became students of Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in the 90s. As a couple they migrated to Canberra in 1999 and soon after they helped develop the Diamond Way Buddhist centre Mahamudra House. In 2003 they were asked by Lama Ole to teach, since then they have frequently travelled within Australia and around the world to give Buddhist lectures. Rob and Maike work together in their own coaching and training business. Rob also works as a researcher at the Australian National University and Maike as a physiotherapist and voice coach.


Cate Walker grew up in Canberra. She first met Diamond Way Buddhism in 1993, when living near Malaga, Spain, through the activity of the great Bhutanese teacher Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, as he built the Kalachakra stupa at the Karma Guen Retreat Centre. After much questioning, she finally took refuge with the Western Buddhist Master Lama Ole Nydahl in February 1997. She began teaching informally in 2005, and completed her four-year studies in Advanced Buddhist Philosophy at KIBI (Karmapa International Buddhist Institute) in New Delhi in 2011. She recently moved back to Canberra and works as an English language teacher.


Mark Pace is a student of Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl. He met them in Sydney in 1996. A year later, together with his friends he founded the Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in his hometown - Canberra. Since 2003, he has been teaching Buddhism around the world at Lama Ole's request. Mark likes to teach what Buddhism has to offer people with families, jobs and other everyday responsibilities.

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