Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

Susan and Chris Bixby Tour

Susan and Chris BixbySusan and Chris Bixby met Lama Ole Nydahl in 1994 and soon after helped establish the Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in Calgary, Canada. In 2006, Lama Ole and his wife Hannah asked Susan and Chris to travel and teach Buddhism. Since then, they have taught Diamond Way Buddhism throughout the Americas and Europe. At Lama Ole’s request, they were invited to Australia in 2020, but the teaching tour was postponed until now. It is their first visit to Australia since they lived in Sydney in the 1970s.

Chris is a retired lawyer and Susan’s background is in education and art. They have been married for over 50 years and are now living happily in Victoria, British Colombia, close to their three married children and nine grandchildren.

Teaching Program

October 2022

14th – Friday – Sydney          

15th – Saturday – Sydney      

16th – Sunday – Sydney      

17th – Monday – Melbourne – Public Talk: Buddhism in Daily Life    

18th – Tuesday – Melbourne  – Public Talk: Love and Partnership – Buddhism and Relationships 

20th – Thursday – Albury      

21st – Friday – Canberra      

22nd – Saturday – Canberra      

23rd – Sunday – Canberra      

25th – Tuesday – Newcastle

27th – Thursday – Brisbane – Public Lecture: Buddhism in the Modern World

28th – Friday – Northern Rivers           

29th – Saturday – Northern Rivers           

30th – Sunday – Northern Rivers           

November 2022

1st – Tuesday – Gold Coast

2nd – Wednesday – Gold Coast