Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

Who was Buddha?

The historical Buddha was born in approximately 570 BC in Northern India. After a long search, in deep meditation he recognised the nature of mind and reached enlightenment. The Buddha’s teachings, which make beings fearless, joyful and kind, are the main religion in several East Asian countries. Since the early seventies, the profound Buddhist view, with its vast number of methods, has inspired and fascinated a growing number of people in western cultures. Through his teachings Buddha is seen as a timeless mirror of mind’s inherent potential.

What did Buddha Teach?

Buddha taught on what exists ultimately and on what is conditioned, in a way that is directly relevant to our daily lives. Understanding this makes the experience of lasting happiness possible. Buddhism does not proclaim dogmas, but encourages critical questioning. Through the right meditations, the intellectual understanding of the teachings becomes a personal experience. Additional methods solidify levels of consciousness that have been reached. The goal of Buddha’s teachings is the full development of the innate potential of body, speech and mind.