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Weekend Course with Reka Mathe

Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

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Weekend Course with Reka Mathe

Melbourne Diamond Way Buddhist Centre
Fri, Apr. 13th - Sun, Apr. 15th
$15 Per Session / $40 Full course

Please join us for a 3-day meditation course with international Buddhist teacher Reka Mathe.


Reka Will be speaking about different aspects of Buddhism and Meditation and how they can help us find more happiness and freedom in our everyday lives.

Friday 13th April @ 8pm

Buddhist Methods in Daily Life


Saturday 14th April @ 3pm

Transmission in Diamond Way Buddhism


Sunday 15th April @ 3pm

Love and Partnership in Buddhism


Cost: $15 Per Session / $40 Full course


Location: 163 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park VIC
Bookings: Please email melbourne@diamondway-center.org

About Rake Mathe

Reka was born in 1962 in Hungary, but grew up in Germany. She met Llama Ole in 2001 and took Buddhist refuge at the inauguration of the new Budapest Center. Rake has lived in the Budapest Center since 2003 and has two daughters. She has been a traveling teacher since 2009 and has worked as a marketing and sales director. Since 2013 she has worked as a traveling translator and interpreter.