Diamond Way Buddhism Australia

Marek Rosinski — Aus Tour

Marek is a student of Lama Ole Nydahl and has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism since 1992. He has travelled with Lama Ole and Hannah in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Marek has two daughters and has been working in a global law firm for many years.


November 2023      

11th – Saturday – Topic: Buddhism In Daily Life @ 7:30 pm
Buddhist methods are practical and aim to be useful. Marek will cover how to use Buddhist methods to bring joy, fearlessness and compassion to daily life and lead meaningful lives of benefit to others.

12th – Sunday:

Meditation @ 11:00 am

This lecture covers information on what Buddhist meditation is and what the meditation instructions are and how to apply in our everyday life.

Teacher Student Relationship @ 2:30 pm

In Diamond Way Buddhism, the Teacher is a central figure who shows an example how a realised being behaves and benefits people. Marek will cover how the student, for their part, needs to critically check out the teacher to see if they are someone they can rely on.

Cost: $25 per lecture

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