Mind is like space - open clear and limitless.
– Lama Ole Nydahl

This summer, Lama Ole Nydahl will make his annual visit to Australia and New Zealand with a full program of Buddhist teachings and meditation, including the inauguration of two meditation centres and a six day course on Mahamudra - the crown jewel of Buddhist teachings.



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About Lama Ole Nydahl

Lama Ole Nydahl is one of the few Westerners fully qualified as a Buddhist teacher (Lama) and meditation master in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu Buddhist tradition.

In 1972, after completing three years of intensive meditation training in the Himalayas, Lama Ole and his wife Hannah began teaching Vajrayana (Diamond Way) Buddhism in Europe at the request of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje - the spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Buddhist Master Lama Ole Nydahl
“Mind is like space – open, clear and limitless ..." – Lama Ole Nydahl

He has since transmitted the blessing of the lineage in a powerful and contemporary way. He travels continuously teaching worldwide.

He has established around 700 Diamond Way Buddhist Centres that are now under the guidance of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje in 44 mainly Western countries.

Join him this Australian summer in Perth and Sydney for meditation, teaching retreats and public talks.

More about Diamond Way Buddhism

More about Lama Ole Nydahl

Perth and Rottnest Island 1 - 8 February

Join us on Australia’s West Coast this Summer for this unique part of the tour, where you will experience the inauguration of Australia’s newly purchased centre and a very special time on Rottnest Island – a place where Lama Ole and Hannah have always loved to visit.

There is no official course during this period, however, Lama Ole will give a Public Talk, and be there for Project Days, which are dedicated to Lama Ole’s work for the rest of the centres around the world.

During the Project Days, the centre will be closed, however there will be daily excursions to the beach, and other activities where you can be close to the Lama.

There will be a WhatsApp group created for the tour, to communicate these activities, so we can all spend this valuable time together with the Lama.


Date Time Activity
Thursday 1 Feb Lama Ole arrives in Perth.
Friday 2 Feb 6pm Perth Centre inauguration with Lama Ole Nydahl, BBQ dinner and party
Saturday 3 Feb 3pm Public Talk - Lama Ole Nydahl
Sunday 4 Feb 11am Travel to Rottnest Island by Ferry. Project day
Monday 5 Feb Project day at Rottnest Island
Tuesday 6 Feb Project day at Rottnest Island
Wednesday 7 Feb 10am Ferry departs Rottnest Island for Perth
Thursday 8 Feb Lama Ole travels to Sydney
Bus departs Be.Fremantle apartments for Perth Airport

Cost (AUD)

Public Talk in Perth $20/$18 (concession)
International traveller’s accommodation in Perth $320 for all (4) nights
Bungalow accommodation on Rottnest Island $200 for all (3) nights
Ferry to Rottnest Island $70 Return
Bus to Perth Airport Thursday 8th Feb $25


Perth Accommodation

1 – 3rd February and 7th February.

International Travellers

A group booking for 48 people has been made for international travellers at Be.Fremantle apartments. Address: 43 Mews Road, Challenger Harbour, Fremantle.

Be.Fremantle apartments at the fishing boat harbour in Fremantle, which are lovely renovated 2 & 3 bedroom apartments on the seaside at Fremantle.

This is shared accommodation. Let us know if you have a preference with whom they wish to share. Couples will be allocated the appropriate rooms if possible.

The 2 bedroom apartments have a king bed and 2 single beds.
The 3 bedrooms have 2 king beds and 2 singles.

Registrations are required by December 20th to secure this accommodation.

There are also many backpacker hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation in Fremantle if people prefer to make their own arrangements.

Local Bed and Breakfast and Backpacker Hostels.

There are also many airbnb options, backpacker hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation in Fremantle if people prefer to make their own arrangements. For more alternatives visit:


Accommodation for nationals

Unfortunately we have been unable to source 100 beds at one location, to accommodate the local sangha. Please check the local bed and breakfast and backpacker hostels for accommodation. Be.Fremantle Apartments may also have availability closer to the date, due to cancellations.

Rottnest Island Accommodation

Bungalow houses have been arranged on the Island and are in the same area. The rooms have either single or double beds, so couples need to specify if they wish to be together. Please advise of any preference of friends you would like to share a Bungalow House with and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. There are 4 or 6 bedrooms bungalows.

It is possible to camp on Rottnest Island by arranging this yourself. Please visit Rottnest Island accommodation website.


Perth Centre: 34 Prout Way, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163

Public Talk with Lama Ole Nydahl
Venue: Fly by Night Musician's Club
Address: Victoria Hall Building
179 High Street, Fremantle

International Traveller’s Accommodation
Be.Fremantle Serviced Apartments
43 Mews Road, Challenger Harbour, Fremantle.

Rottnest Island


Perth Food: There will be no catering for the time in Perth, except Friday night, where a BBQ dinner will be organised. This can be paid for in cash on the day. Fremantle is a hub of activity: there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops to eat out or buy food to cook in your accommodation.

Rottnest Island Food: We will organize a BBQ dinner every night at a minimal cost to everyone, to be paid for in cash on the day. There is a general shop on the island to buy food to prepare in your apartments and there are also some cafes and a local pub.

Child Care

There is no child care on the island or during the Perth Project Days. Parents can get together and organize looking after children.

Places to meditate

The Perth centre will be closed, except for the centre inauguration. During the time on Rottnest Island we will set up one of the bungalows as a meditation place, this will be advised once on the island.


There are a few options available for transport in Perth: Uber, public transport (train & bus) and / or hiring a car.

Transport to and from airport - A bus will be organized to take people to the airport departing from Be.Fremantle apartments on Thursday 8th Feb.

Sydney 9 - 13 February

Join us in Sydney for a full program of teachings, meditation and social activities.


Date Time Activity
Thursday 8th Feb 10pm Arrive Sydney - no program
Friday 9th Feb 11am Diamond Way Teacher and Meditation
3pm Diamond Way Teacher
8pm Diamond Way Teacher
Saturday 10th Feb 2pm Lunch (venue TBC - free choice/own cost)
4pm Swim (venue TBC)
7pm Dinner and Party
Sunday 11th Feb 3pm Public Talk – Lama Ole Nydahl
7pm Dinner - Aussie Youth Hotel (free choice/own cost)
Monday 12th Feb 11am Diamond Way Teacher and Meditation
2pm Diamond Way Teacher
5pm Sydney Harbour Cruise (meet 4:30 sharp)
8pm Dinner at Circular Quay – (Free choice/own cost)
Tuesday 13th Feb Travel day

Cost (AUD)

Program: $150 per person, including all meditation and teaching sessions, Lama Ole Nydahl’s public talk, the party, and the Sydney Harbour cruise.

Public Talk without the full program: $25 paid at the door.

Accommodation: $350 per person for all (5) nights. Includes airport transfers if you are on Lama Ole Nydahl’s flights.


Accommodation has been arranged at the YHA Sydney Central and is available for both international and Australian friends.


The general teachings and meditation sessions will be held at the Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt St, Redfern.

The public talk will be held at the Sydney University Refectory, Holme Building, Science Road, Camperdown.

Maps and details about getting to all the social events will be distributed in January to all registrants.

Glentui Retreat Land 14 – 19 February

Mahamudra Retreat with Lama Ole Nydahl

During this six day course, Lama Ole Nydahl will describe the progressive stages that lead to the Mahamudra state of mind. He will guide new and experienced students in various Diamond Way Buddhist meditations, as transmitted to him by his teachers, primarily H.H. the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje – the head of Tibetan Buddhism’s Karma Kagyu School.

About Mahamudra

Rangjung Dorje, 3rd Karmapa Lama
In the state of limitless freedom, everything is fearlessly enjoyed

Mahamudra means "The Great Seal" and is the crown jewel of Buddha’s teachings. When one rests at all times in a state of non-duality, the practitioner has reached the goal of experiencing mind’s natural state – Mahamudra.

This state, also called enlightenment, brings forth unconditioned fearlessness, joy and active compassion in the practitioner’s mind. One then acts spontaneously and effortlessly for the benefit of all.


Mahamudra Course

Date Time Activity
Wednesday 14 Feb 7pm Dinner
8pm Talk – Diamond Way Teachers
Thursday 15 Feb 9-10am Breakfast
10:30-1pm Meditation – Personal practice and Ngondro explanations
1pm Lunch
3pm Talk – Diamond Way Teachers
5:30pm Dinner
7pm Course – Lama Ole Nydahl
Friday 16 Feb 9-10am Breakfast
10:30-1pm Meditation – Personal practice and Ngondro explanations
1pm Lunch
3pm Course – Lama Ole Nydahl
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Talk – Diamond Way Teachers
Saturday 17 Feb 9-10am Breakfast
10:30-1pm Meditation – Personal practice and Ngondro explanations
1pm Lunch
3pm Course – Lama Ole Nydahl
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Talk – Diamond Way Teachers
Sunday 18 Feb 9-10am Breakfast
10:30-1pm Meditation – Personal practice and Ngondro explanations
1pm Lunch
3pm Course – Lama Ole Nydahl
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Talk – Diamond Way Teachers
11pm Party!
Monday 19 Feb 8-9am Breakfast
11am Course – Lama Ole Nydahl
2pm Lunch (takeaway)

Cost (NZD)

Early bird pricing is in effect until 10 January 2018.

Early bird After 10 January
Course pricing
Whole course $482 $532
Single full day (15 - 18 Feb) $96 $106
Wednesday 14th Only $32 $35
Monday 19th Only $64 $70
Bunk bed at Glentui Meadows Conference centre $27.50 per night
Tui wing rooms at Glentui Meadows Conference centre $35 per night
Bring your own tent Free
Bus from Christchurch to Glentui Retreat Land $20
Bus from Glentui Retreat Land to Christchurch $20


Accommodation options include:

Glentui Meadows Conference Centre

10 mins walk from Glentui Retreat Land.

Available from Wednesday 14 February 2018

  • 8 person bunk rooms
  • 4 person ‘Tui wing’ rooms (4 single beds per room)

Bedding is only available for the ‘Tui wing’ family rooms. If you are in a bunk room you need to bring sleeping bag, bottom sheet, pillow.

Conference Centre accommodation is limited. Preference will be given to those staying for the entire course. Allocation of accommodation will be on a first come first served basis.

Tent sites at Glentui Retreat Land

You will need to bring your own tent - we do not hire out tents.

Glentui experiences extreme wind conditions so please only bring small, low, strong tents. There is no limit for tent accommodation.


The course will be held at the Glentui Retreat Land

Accommodation: Glentui Meadows Conference Centre - 10 minute walk from Glentui Retreat Land

Food: The course is fully catered and includes three meals a day with vegetarian options.

Child Care

Child care will be organised amongst participating families. If you would like to be part of this, please indicate this on your registration form.

How to get there

Glentui is located a one hour drive northwest of Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand.

Bus transport from Christchurch to Glentui Retreat Land will operate only at the start of the course and from Glentui Retreat Land to Christchurch at the end of the course.

No parking is allowed at Glentui Retreat Land except for designated team vehicles and no parking is allowed at the side of the road due to council restrictions.

If you have booked accommodation at the conference centre a carpark is included.

Kaikoura 19 - 23 February

Lama Ole will spend project days in Kaikoura. No program, transport or accommodation is organised. However, if you would like to visit this beautiful seaside town and enjoy time with sangha you are welcome to organise this yourself.

Auckland 23 - 27 February

Lama Ole Nydahl will give a public talk and inaugurate the centre in this vibrant city. A day trip with sangha friends will also take place. You are all warmly invited to these events.


Date Time Activity
Friday 23 Feb 9:50pm Lama Ole Nydahl Arrives in Auckland
Saturday 24 Feb 4pm Public Talk – Lama Ole Nydahl at Auckland University of Technology
Sunday 25 Feb TBC Day Trip to Tawharauni beach
Monday 26 Feb 11am Auckland Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Inauguration – Lama Ole Nydahl
Tuesday 27 Feb 11:50pm Lama Ole Nydahl departs New Zealand


The Auckland centre is a key centre, located on the Ground floor of 9 Gore Street, Auckland city. It is a space shared with other tenants therefore please organise your own accommodation, as sleeping at the centre will not be possible.

There are many airbnb options, backpacker hostels and bed and breakfasts in Auckland. For more alternatives visit:


Places to meditate

We will try to keep the Auckland Centre open during Saturday and Monday for mediation and to leave your belongings. This will be confirmed during the Glentui Retreat Land course.


Public Talk:
Auckland University of Technology
TE IRINGA room (WG308)
City Campus
55 Wellesley Street East
Auckland Central

Centre Inauguration
Auckland Diamond Way Buddhist Centre
9 Gore Street,
Central Auckland.

Tawharanui beach

Australia/New Zealand Tour Registration

Registrations have now closed. All enquiries can be directed to 2018lamanz@buddhism.org.nz

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